“Wish You Could Hear” could easily be the best instrumental song of the year, if not of the decade. This is an epic 12+ minute instrumental rock opera that combines the best of prog & classical music and will soon be considered one of the world’s best instrumentals mini rock operas ever recorded.”

Nick Katona, President of Melodic Revolution Records

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Cáguense de risa, pero ayer probé yogur con cereales por primera vez. Tengo 33 años.
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The Artist


Andres Guazzelli (born December 20, 1984) is an Argentinian singer, composer, producer, audio engineer, sound designer and film scorer from Mar del Plata. He earned a college degree in Audio Engineering, Music Production & Audio Post-Production for Film while continuing his studies in Music Theory, Harmony and Baroque Composing.

The Music


A classically-trained musician, Andres combines heavy orchestral work with the edginess and modern textures of progressive rock and the brass-driven dramatic scores from epic films. His music contains strong influences of baroque and classical music, as well as medieval and renaissance music, within the frame of symphonic rock.