Academy Awards 2015 – Predictions

Having spent last week to watch all Academy nominated films, and being the Award Show tonight, these are my predictions for the Biggest Awards:


Patricia Arquette for ‘Boyhood’. Heavy favourite from day 1 and she goes home with the Award tonight.


JK Simmons for ‘Whiplash’ and I don’t think other nominees are strong enough to take this one away from him (Sorry Edward)


Julianne Moore for ‘Still Alice’, without room for doubts.


Eddie Redmayne for ‘Theory of Everything’, beating Michael Keaton by an inch. Both were outstanding in their roles, but keeping in mind the direction the Academy takes when presenting the awards, I think Stephen Hawking’s biopic is where the statuette goes.


The debate of the year: Boyhood vs. Birdman. Boyhood won the Golden Globe, but in the last stretch, Birdman won the Screen Actors Guild, Producers Guild and Directors Guild. And THEN, Boyhood won the British Academy’s Award. This is possibly the tightest Oscar race in recent years. I’m going on a limb here, and I’ll say the Academy will award both movies inverting the statuettes. However wins Best Director, the other one will win Best Movie. If Boyhood wins Best Director, Birdman takes the cake. If Birdman wins Best Director, then Best Movie goes to Boyhood. My own prediction:

‘Boyhood’ wins Best Director.

‘Birdman’ wins Best Film.

Which one deserves to win? Between Boyhood and Birdman, in my humble opinion, Boyhood deserves to win a tad more. But both were terrific flicks. The Academy Awards are less about who DESERVES to win and more about WHAT MOVIE is more appealing to the Judges’ taste. Boyhood was a 12 years long effort. Absolutely amazing. And Birdman was fantastic from the get go, montage, acting, cinematography, everything. It will be a dogfight. I would award both flicks, but I’m sticking with my own prediction. Both deserve both Directing and Best Film, so I won’t be surprised whoever wins. If an outsider wins, it will be the upset of the decade.

And while I’m at it, “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” beats the other four megaproduction and takes home Best Visual Effects. And “American Sniper” wins Best Sound Editing. “Whiplash” takes home Best Sound Mixing, while “How To Train Your Dragon 2” wins Best Animated Film. And “Ida” breaks every argentinian heart by winning Best Foreign Film.

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