●  Andres Guazzelli as Wötan the Golden (Argentina)
●  Hasse Fröberg as Charlemagne, King of the Franks (Sweden)
●  Natalia Nekare as Brünhild, Queen of the Unghur (Argentina)
●  Phil Naro as Godric the Saxon (United States)
●  Julia Dispagna as Derika / The Oracle (Argentina)
●  Stef Flaming as Gundahar the Elder / The Oracle (Belgium)
●  Marcus Becker as Theoderion, son of Therin (Germany)
●  Amanda Hamers as Derika / The Oracle (United States)
●  Blake Carpenter as 2nd in Command Foe (United States)
●  Sean Filkins as   (United Kingdom)
●  Ayelen Depirro as The Oracle (Argentina)
●  Nina Vas as The Oracle (Argentina)
●  Chris Butler as The Oracle (United Kingdom)
●  Rob Mallory as The Oracle (United States)
●  Silvina Sanguinetti as The Oracle (Argentina)
●  Yolanda Flaming as The Oracle (Belgium)
●  Majo Alfei as   .  (Argentina)
●  Si Wright as    (United Kingdom)
●  Ken Lyngfoss as    (Norway)
●  Andy John Bradford as   (United Kingdom)
●  Allison VonBuelow as. (United States)
●  Athan Dreama as   . (Basque Country)
●  Nicolas Etchiverry as   . (Argentina)
●  Olivia Hadjiioannou as   . (Greece)
●  Sahin Pera as   . (Turkey)
●  Janet Zohar as   . (Kazakhztan)

Orchestral Arrangements

●  Andres Guazzelli (Argentina)


●  Robert Wolff (United States)
●  Victor Tassone (United States)
●  Carlos Brandi (Argentina)


●  Adrian Jones (Netherlands)
●  Antonio Torres (Argentina)
●  Colin Tench  (Sweden)
●  Federico Tarquini (Argentina)
●  Franco Lo Turco  (Argentina)
●  German Vergara  (Chile)
●  Helder Da Silva (Portugal)
●  Jartse Touminen (Finland)
●  Nahuel Porro (Argentina)
●  Fito Gallo (Argentina)


●  Marco Chiappini (Italy).
●  Pasi Koivu (Finland)
●  Juan Manuel Vertiz (Argentina)
●  Andres Guazzelli (Argentina)


●  Petri Lindström (Finland)
●  Mariano Lopez  (Argentina)
●  Mauro Romero (Argentina)
●  Maximiliano Castillo (Argentina)


●  Leonardo Suarez. Flutes (Argentina)
●  Tony Romero. Narration (United States)