August (In Memory of Colin Tench)
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Andres Guazzelli — August (In Memory of Colin Tench)
Release date : Feb. 03, 2018
Label : Melodic Revolution Records
  1. August (In Memory of Colin Tench) (2:33)


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August (In Memory of Colin Tench)” is the first single from Andres Guazzelli‘s forthcoming album “World Citizen,” expected to be released on February the 3rd, 2018 via Melodic Revolution Records.

August” is a clear showcase of Andres‘ paradigm change regarding his compositional style, straying away from sheer progressive and symphonic rock and venturing deeper into a more argentinian folkloric-based music.

At 2 minutes 33 seconds, “August” is Guazzelli‘s shortest piece to date.

In a statement from Andres Guazzelli:

Since 2011, Colin and I had worked on three albums together, Wish You Could Hear, Return to Mingulay and Corvus Stone II. so I asked him to join in the multitudinary ensemble that was “Wötan: the Untold Story“. He recorded guitars for 7 tracks of that album, making it our fourth collaboration together.  The Overture was released on september 2015, but Colin was not on it.

In 2017, I asked him to be the main guitar player for my lastest album “World Citizen,” which he agreed to as soon as he had finished minor Masterpiece“. I decided its first single would be “August” and to be released on January 2018.

In the last minute, after hearing of his passing, I wanted to cancel the release altogether, but there would be no better way to honour him than to release it in his memory. Colin was the person who kickstarted my solo career, and “August” would be the first time in seven years his guitar playing wasn’t on an album of mine.

I stripped “August” down to its core, removing  every single guitar and re-worked it to be more intimate and nostalgic. “August” is a farewell. A warm goodbye in a cold winter morning in Argentina (August being the coldest month in the southern hemisphere).  I wrote a warm goodbye before knowing who I was saying goodbye to.

Now I know. Godspeed, my good friend.